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The COVID-19 Virus and ways you can help our small business!

As all small businesses are, we are being hit hard by the shutdown caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here are some ways you can help us out:

Gift Certificates:

This is a perfect way to help us and treat yourself to a yoga class or a glassblowing lesson in the future.

Use the button to browse our gift certificates.

Shop Our Online Store:

We have glass items for sale in our online store, we can ship 'em right to you.

The button on the right will take you to our store.

Visit Our YouTube Channel:

Take an online yoga class from Karen. Use the videos to have mini yoga and meditation breaks.

Launch into YouTube now...

Donations: (It's at the bottom of the online store, scroll down)

Want to help but glass object isn't your thing or just not close enough to come and take a class with us?

We have donate form at the bottom of the store. Every little bit helps.

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